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DNC Applauds Delegate Sullivan for Introducing Early Voting and Automatic Registration Legislation

Today, Delegate Sullivan introduced legislation establishing 21 days of early voting in Virginia and automatic registration legislation for Virginians who conduct business at the DMV.
"As Virginia's elected officials, we have a duty to make it easier for Virginians to participate in the electoral process, not harder," said Sullivan. "Encouraging people to vote should not be a partisan issue, but unfortunately it has often been one in Virginia's history. Virginia has erected barriers to the ballot box ever since Harry Byrd worked to keep Virginia's electorate as small as possible. Unfortunately, this mindset didn't go away for everyone after the Byrd machine's demise. Recently, the General Assembly passed voter ID legislation--which is currently being reviewed by a federal court--even though voter ID can only be charitably described as a solution in search of a problem. Statewide turnout in this year's election was an abysmally low 29.1%. Establishing 21 days of early voting and automatic registration will increase turnout in future elections, which will benefit voters, politicians, and democracy in Virginia."

"We applaud Delegate Sullivan for fighting to make voting easier for all Virginians by introducing automatic registration and early voting bills" said Pratt Wiley, the National Director of Voter Expansion at the Democratic National Committee. "Delegate Sullivan has worked tirelessly for years to protect and expand the right to vote--including as the counsel to the Obama Campaign in Virginia in 2012--and it is no surprise he’s standing with Democrats  to champion efforts allowing many more Virginians to participate in the electoral process.  Automatic registration and early voting are working in other states and it can work in Virginia as well. The General Assembly should pass these measures expanding voter participation in Virginia."

Delegate Rip Sullivan represents Virginia's 48th House of Delegates District, which is contains parts of Arlington and McLean.