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General Assembly lauds Reuse and Replay organization as role model

March 8, 2018News Clip

The General Assembly has approved a resolution honoring Reuse and Replay, a charitable organization founded in Arlington that has worked to donate used but usable sports equipment to those in need across the commonwealth and around the globe.

The initiative was founded in 2016 by Yorktown High School student Mia Lee, and has expanded to other schools across Arlington.

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Sullivan Calls on Republicans to Treat Gun Violence Crisis with Same Urgency as Animal Shelter Use of Schedule VI Biological Products

March 8, 2018Press Release

Media Contact
Kate Petersen
(610) 209-4718



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Delores McQuinn column: Virginia lawmakers must come together on gun violence

March 7, 2018News Clip

The nation’s reaction to Parkland feels different. The ground is shaking. High school students are organizing walk-outs, companies are dropping affiliations with the NRA, and even Republican lawmakers in other states and in Washington are making strides to advance, or at least discuss, gun safety legislation.

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Va. Democrats continue pushing gun reform in final days of session

March 2, 2018News Clip

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — On Thursday, Virginia House Democrats renewed their call for gun reform.

At a news conference at the State Capitol, they challenged Republican leadership to revive gun safety bills that were killed earlier in the General Assembly session.

They included measures like banning bump stocks and prohibiting people under 21 years of age from purchasing semi-automatic rifles.

The push comes just about two weeks after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people died after a teenager opened fire.

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House Democrats Ask Speaker Cox to Revive Defeated Gun Control Bills

March 2, 2018News Clip

Following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida last month Democrats in the House of Delegates are asking Speaker of the House Kirk Cox to resurrect several pieces of gun control legislation that were defeated earlier this year.

This year Democrats introduced bills to implement universal background checks, ban bump stocks and prohibit the sale of assault weapons to people under 21.

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Another General Assembly Session is Likely to Pass Without Any Movement On Gun Control

March 2, 2018News Clip

Lawmakers in Richmond are getting ready to wrap up the General Assembly session and head home without taking any action on gun control.

What happens when a troubled person is raising red flags to family members and friends? In some states, they can go to police and get a risk warrant so law enforcement officials can confiscate their guns. Not in Virginia. Delegate Rip Sullivan, a Democrat from Arlington, introduced a bill that would have created risk warrants in Virginia. But it went nowhere.

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Va. Democrats slam Republicans over gun inaction; leaders say it’s too late to revisit

March 2, 2018News Clip

Democrats in Virginia’s House of Delegates invoked the recent school shooting in Florida to demand that Republicans revive gun-control measures that died in committee this year. But GOP leaders said it is too late in the legislative session to act.

Guns have been the one area that has resisted all compromise in a General Assembly session otherwise marked by bipartisan dealmaking. A host of bills, many of them favored by Gov. Ralph Northam (D), have disappeared in committees in the House and Senate.

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After Florida shooting, Virginia Democrats make late push on proposal to seize guns from dangerous people

March 2, 2018News Clip

As Republicans in Florida and elsewhere warm up to the idea of using court warrants to take guns away from people who may pose a threat, Virginia Democrats are calling on the Republican-controlled House of Delegates to reconsider a similar bill that never got a hearing.

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Arlington's first African American police officer honored in Richmond

February 27, 2018News Clip

RICHMOND, Va. - Irving Comer, the first African American police officer in Arlington was honored in Richmond on Monday.

Delegate Rip Sullivan (D-48) gave a floor speech about Officer Comer. Comer’s family was able to attend, including his daughters and his mother. Irving Comer passed away at the age of 74 this November.

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Letter: Supporters of nonpartisan redistricting are not going away

February 21, 2018News ClipBennett Minton, Arlington

Editor: The Code of Virginia requires that legislative districts “shall be composed of compact and contiguous territory,” but a glance at our state’s maps shows that’s a laugh.

In November 2017, Democratic House of Delegates candidates won by an aggregate margin of 9.23 percentage points – about the same as Ralph Northam – but ended up with 49 percent of the seats. Four years ago, 53 of 100 House seats were uncontested by one of the major parties; that number fell to 39 in 2017, thanks to the anti-Trump wave.

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