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Arlington legislators get good marks from environmental group

Six members of Arlington’s seven-member General Assembly delegation won perfect scores from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters for the 2019 session, with the seventh not too far behind.

State Sens. Barbara Favola and Janet Howell and Dels. Patrick Hope, Rip Sullivan, Alfonso Lopez and Mark Levine each received 100-percent rankings in the organization’s annual scorecard, released in late June.

They were among 49 legislators – 11 senators and 38 delegates – to vote with the conservation organization 100 percent of the time during the winter session.

State Sen. Adam Ebbin, the seventh member of the delegation, received a 92-percent score from the organization.

(The scorecard reflects votes cast on 20 bills in the House of Delegates and 15 pieces of legislation in the Senate. The complete scorecard is available at

Michael Town, executive director of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, said the session saw gains and losses for the environment, and said the ranking would help guide advocacy efforts headed into the November general election.

“With all 140 seat up for grabs this fall, we will be working in 2019 to ensure the next General Assembly takes the climate crisis seriously and acts to protect our environment for all Virginians,” he said.